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… I woke to a lovely, steady, light pattering rain; just about my mostest favouritest kind of weather in the world!  All you sunshine -lovers get the bulk of the Summer, so allow my late Spring sprinkle, okay? *G*  After all, isn’t it nice to know that your yucky day is someone else’s fabulous one?

Tree Fence C

I am surrounded with wonder and wonderFUL on all sides these days.  My grown-up girl, C, is proving herself to have quite the eye for texture as well as an appreciation for irony.  She took this amazing photograph while at work one day recently.  No matter how “civilization” tries to tame nature, it just won’t be tamed! Or boxed in, or fenced…

I’ve had no time to update this blog, so my apologies for leaving everyone wondering what’s up lately.  There’s been so much happening!!!

The Toronto Bead Society recently held their Spring Bead Fair on May 25 and May 26.

TBS Bead Fair BeadFX Kits

I was invited to it by Cathy Lampole of That Bead Lady, who gave me a place to sign books and chat with all kinds of beady peeps.  It was super fun!  Also, Marg Yamanaka of BeadFX used the Bead Fair to introduce the new Contemporary Geometric Beadwork kits, which were beautifully put together by her staff and contained not only excerpts from the book, but everything needed to sit right down and start beading, from needle to thread to cylinder beads!

I also got to see two of my favourite lampwork artists and load up on their amazing work – I STRONGLY recommend seeing the extraordinary beads made by Laurie Wright and Muriel Duval yourself; in person, if at all possible.  Their beauty is astounding and inspirational. 

TBS Bead Fair That Bead Lady Space

I’ve also committed to another class for Bellybands, Wings and Horns at That Bead Lady on June 22nd.  This class covers all the basics you really want to know to tackle any of the projects from Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, Volume 1.

Also, in case you missed the notice, Kate MacKinnon has opened up pre-orders for Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, Volume 2.  This will be another amazing “gotta get” for beaders, with the material we could not force into the first book, as well as entirely new information and ideas, such as chains!  We’re working so hard on this and Kate’s convinced we’ll have it put to bed by year end – yahoo!


On top of all this abundance and magnificence, Kate has sent me a treasure from her own hands (and Russell’s head!) – the Golden Crown Cuff is mine!  I fell in love with this piece when Kate was still working on it and was thrilled to my bones to discover it knew my name – I could hear it calling all the way from Tucson.  And, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of spirit and just amazing coolness of Kate, it’s actually MINE!  All mine! My precioussssssssss……*creeping away to fondle the splendiferous fabulosity in private*.  I’ll try to drag myself away from it to give you a few more updates and pieces of happiness soon.  Oh, and if you’re waiting on an email, they should be all caught up quite soon – miss you, too! (((hugs all ’round!)))

Happy Beadsday!

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BFX Launch CakeOh my goodness, what a wonderful day this has been!   BeadFX held a fabulous launch for Contemporary Geometric Beadwork with a gorgeous cake and munchies and coffee…such a lovely thing to do.  Marg, Pamela, Stephanie, Rosemarie, Rochelle, Ray – they were all so warm, welcoming and kind.  It was fun to talk about the book with customers and hear what first caught their eye in the book.  Much to my surprise, I already knew several people who were in my workshop, which was a delight.  It’s always nice to catch up with people; especially fellow beaders!  Marilyn Gardiner was there and it was a treat to have her in my class.  She’s only just back from a trip so it was an honour to have her make the effort to come out to class and to pick up off-loom beadwork for the first time in ages.  Undoubtedly you’ll know her from her chainmaille work – it’s exquisite!

A fabulous day in all respects and hopefully the first of many.

Happy Beadsday!

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Book GirlTomorrow is going to be so much fun!  A bevy of bubbly beaders are coming by to look at Contemporary Geometric Beadwork, pick up their own autographed copy (or, if you have it already – just bring it in for signing!), chat about an idea or twelve and THEN a wonderful workshop – Bellybands, Wings and Horns, oh my!  Please do join us at BeadFX; you know you want to! *G*

Happy Beadsday!

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ImageI am so excited to extend my personal invitation for you to come by BeadFX this Saturday, April 6th, starting at 1200 Noon.  Marg and her lovely ladies are throwing a party to celebrate the release of “Contemporary Geometric Beadwork” for all their friends and beady buddies in the Toronto area.  I’ll also be teaching a workshop from 200 PM to 500 PM and look forward to meeting more beaders, eager to play with the geometric possibilities of peyote stitch.  This is  a fun, bright store and you’ll find the staff are jewellery makers, too!  In fact, they recently held a book launch for their very own Stephanie Dixon, who has a design featured in the new release “Crystal Jewelry Inspiration”.  Come join the fun; I look forward to meeting you!

Happy Beadsday!

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