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…when things are going SOOOOO well, to discover that another beader has decided to make their living from others’ hard, hard work.

The Etsy store “MaryT Designs” run by Mary Rabakon, is selling instructions for work not her own.  Many items are rip offs of work from Contemporary Geometric Beadwork’s various volumes, Jean Power’s gorgeous work, etc., as well as work by other artists I instantly recognized.

When you work as hard as we all do to respect others’ efforts, be original, attribute fairly, and conduct ourselves honestly it’s disheartening to see rip-off artists spit on your rights and make their income dishonestly.

I’ve been so busy on so many fronts I haven’t published for some time, but that doesn’t mean I’m not active and designing and selling; just that I’m not POSTING.  This person has never contacted me to ask permission, discuss possibilities or any other communication.  The instructions are highly exacting and, although I’m bloody well NOT going to pay for instructions just to see, I’m forced to conclude she’s either completed lifted my own instructions or painstakingly reproduced the same.  Again, that is NOT original work, lady!!!!

Does anyone else out there find this behaviour as repugnant as I do?

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