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Chrstina Take OutOh, thank goodness it’s finally Friday!  The weather is supposed to be gorgeous, and I have exciting plans.  On Sunday I get to take a lovely country drive, which I enjoy, to That Bead Lady, which I ALSO enjoy, and spend the afternoon teaching Bellybands, Wings and Horns, which – wait for it – I LOVE! *G*  If you’re free, just give them a call to register and join us – I’ll tell them they have my permission to overmax the class!  Is there any better, happier or more rewarding way to spend a lovely afternoon?  It’s been a tough couple of weeks so I am REALLY looking forward to this.  Join us – you’ll have fun!

I was doing some housekeeping-type admin tasks and came across this photo, which made me smile big-time!  My family has a wealth of unusual names – ChristinA (NOT ChristinE), Harry, Bampi, etc. – and we’ve always stopped and taken a photo when we discovered a family name on a business sign.  I can remember my father pulling a quick U-turn on the TransCanada Highway as a child, because he spotted a “Bampi’s Coffee” sign!

BlueLime TrayOddly enough (or maybe not, considering it’s me!), this seemed to unleash a screaming bunch of “bead me!’s” and I find myself compelled to set up multiple worktrays and repeatedly return to the ideas I’ve been developing.  Here I was, trying to be disciplined and stick to one concept at a time, but I’ve been ambushed in all directions and will now have to pick up more trays; I’ve run out! *G*  Obviously, it’s trays I’ve run out of; the ideas are bubbling from a bottomless abyss of abundance!

Have you been following our book blog?  It’s so exciting to think Kate’s about to open up the pre-order specials for Volume 2!  I’m well into the illustrations and I cannot WAIT to see what people make next!  If you check out the book’s FaceBook page you’ll see a few GORGEOUS pieces already slated for Volume 2.  And Kate has uploaded completely AWESOME videos of thread paths so that those who are totally visual have a chance to keep up with everyone else.  There’s a wonderful video description and demonstration of the Modified Right Angle Weave Bellyband that Kate and Dustin Wedekind developed, paired with a Tri-Wing Ring.  A second video shows how to adjust the MRAW Bellyband so that it Zigs and Zags automatically, even as it is built!

For those coming Sunday, see you then!

Happy Beadsday!

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Bluebird Invitation… location.  Just as in real estate, everything these days needs its proper location.  It’s with some regret, a great deal of trepidation and a fair smattering of hope that I relocate my blog.  I just can’t give my readers the attention they deserve from my preferred platform and with the ubiquitous presence of social media driving a large portion of the population I have bowed to the inevitable and made “the move”.

I’ll never be much of a Facebooker (much better to email me; at least THOSE I’ll see…) nor can I imagine a use for Tweeting (although who knows what the future will bring?), but the need to have a cohesive presence was undeniable and I am blessed with friends who are net savvy and generous in their encouragement, support and weird late-night emails begging for peculiar forms of assistance.

I hope to see a LOT more of you in future!

Happy Beadsday!

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